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Through a planned careers education programme, we are committed to providing the appropriate activities and experiences to enable students to make well-informed decisions and successful and ambitious transitions in life and work, be that community based, voluntary, supported or paid. Throughout Mayfield our Careers Programme is called the ‘Careers and Preparing for Life’ Programme.

Careers and Preparing for Life is led by our Careers Lead, Hayley Loveday.

Contact: [email protected]

Telephone: 01803 554940

The Careers Lead is supported by:

Terry Jackson; Careers Governor

Jacqueline Hobson; Enterprise Coordinator

Darren Baker; Careers Development Consultant for Careers South West

Alan Tiley; Independent Enterprise Advisor

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Hayley Loveday

Hayley Loveday

Careers Lead


Hi, I’m Hayley and I lead the Careers Programme at Mayfield. I am here to help you learn about all the different opportunities that are available to you and to help you plan for the future. I love learning about your aspiartions and will help you work towards these dreams and goals.

Terry Jackson

Terry Jackson

Careers Governor


I am the Careers Link Governor at Mayfield school. As the Careers Link Governor my role is strategic. I keep up to date with the Department of Education statutory guidance on careers programs, which allows me to ask informed questions that probe decision making, and to offer encouragement and advice. In addition, I attend meetings that evaluate, and monitor progress of the careers program and I have supported the careers fayre held at Mayfield College

Jacqui Hobson

Jacqui Hobson

Enterprise Coordinator


I’m Jacqui and I work with Hayley to help with any learning and work skills that will support you now and in the future

Darren Baker

Darren Baker

Career Development Consultant


Hi, I’m Darren and I am the Careers Development Consultant at Careers South West. I meet with you in year 11 and your final year to talk about the future. I can help you to find courses and jobs you might like.

Allan Tilley

Allan Tilley

Enterprise Advisor


I am Alan Tilley and I am the Enterprise Advisor. I help support the Careers programme at Mayfield, providing information and opportunities for students and Parents. I run a community interest company called Turning Heads that runs day services for adults with additional needs, a social supermarket and also a technology hub. The company employs many adults with disabilities and also works with families and those people struggling in society.

Information for Parents:

Transition to Adult Services

Post 18 Education Provisions

Post 18 Social Care Provisions

College Information

Information for Students:

Transitions Booklet

College Alumni

Mayfield College Pathways

Useful Websites:

Information for prospective employers:

Current work with Employers

We are keen to build working partnerships with employers to support our students as they begin their journey in the world of work. We currently have successful links with the following employers:

What our links with Employers offer

Our work with different employers offers us a wide variety of different outcomes.

Employers offer us:

Visit opportunities so pupils can see what it is like in a real life working environment. This can range from a short tour to a more extended or repeated visits.

Coming into Mayfield to talk about job roles, supported internships and personal experience of getting into the world of work.

Supporting our young people to learn about employability skills, interviews and preparing for work

Work experience placements. Again this could be job shadowing, a singular visit or repeated visits over a period of time. All work experience placements are supported by skilled staff members. Placements can be individualised, paired or group placements.


If you feel you can support our students or us as a school in anyway please do get in contact.

Our Current Providers:

Our Work Experience


Policies and Reports:

Curriculum Intent Statement

Provider Access

Careers and Preparing for Life Policy

Compass + Report May 2024

Work Experience Policy

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